Exceptional Customer Service for Quality Products from
Top Manufacturers for Over 7 Decades.

Spitler Mobility can also install Bruno interior and
exterior vehicle lifts in a wide array of today’s vehicles.
From the Joey, the Curbsider, the Outsider, or the
Outrider, we can get your scooter or powerchair where
you are going.

Freedom is just a click away. Email or call
570-368-1771 today.

Bruno Independent Living Aids offers more solutions for
the transportation of your mobility device than any
other manufacturer and Spitler Mobility has them all.
Whether you just want to take your scooter to the mall
or you need an easier way to access the front seat, the
professionals at Spitler Mobility can install the quality
Bruno products you need.

Easy and convenient access to
your vehicle has never been
simpler. Spitler Mobility is pleased
to offer a full line of Bruno Turning
Automotive Seating (TAS) to suit
your needs. TAS products provide
rotation of the seat out of the
vehicle and then lower to transfer
height making it easier for those
individuals who have difficulty
entering and exiting most sedans.
SUV’s, minivans, and pickup trucks.

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