Preventative Maintenance





Spitler's EXCLUSIVE Preventative Maintenance Program is offered to all customers.  The Spitler philosophy is to keep your ambulance in service and reduce overall maintenance costs.  Proper maintenance is the key to longevity.  Other maintenance programs are designed to find things wrong and make money off the repairs.  This program doesn’t work that way.  The Spitler Service team thoroughly checks over your ambulance and if something is found that should be addressed, you are notified.  At this point you make the decision to have Spitler repair it.  Safety and reliability are important.  Spitler Inc. has your best interest in mind at all times.  This program has a proven track record of keeping ambulances in service and reducing maintenance costs by providing excellent customer service, which will enhance the reliability of your emergency vehicle.

Spitler program is more than just an oil change.  Spitler has developed this program around important maintenance items.  Along with chassis maintenance, the Spitler service team will thoroughly check and perform proper maintenance on the ambulance related items.  Such as Oxygen system, Electrical system, Suction system, Lighting systems, Air system, HVAC system, and Door Lock/Latch systems.  If a problem is found with any of these systems, the customer is notified with a recommendation so they can make the decision as to repair it.



The Spitler service staff will call and schedule your PM appointments, so there is no need to worry about when it is due.  We do all the work so you don’t have to.


FREE pickup and delivery by our professional driver

Spitler pays for the fuel to and from the facilities.

FREE use of our Loaner Ambulance if needed while yours is in for service


Spitler uses all OEM Filters

All industry approved Lubricants are used

When chassis repairs are needed, Spitler uses all OEM parts, such as brake pads, rotors, etc.


Customer Testimonials:

Wellsboro Firemen’s Ambulance Assoc.

It always “seems expensive but in our first two years of being on the program we cut our other maintenance expenses by more than half.  Peter Lupkowski

East Allen Twp. Vol. Amb. Corps.

We are extremely satisfied, and appreciative of your quick responses, and professional handling of our sometimes small requests.  We’re glad to be a returning customer.  This program exceeds our expectations. Matt Morrow

Morris Firemen’s Ambulance Assoc.

Good service!  Easy to work with Aaron, very accommodating and courteous.  Steve Kreger

Pittston Township Ambulance Assoc.

Based on our needs this agreement offers us value.  Don Hudzinski

For a complete list of services performed contact the Spitler Service Department at 570-368-1771 or Email today.

- FREE Preventative Maintenance Agreement on new ambulance sales
- FREE loaner ambulance while yours is in for service
- Factory trained and certified technicians
- All service done at Spitler
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